Hey friends and family!

Firstly, I just want to thank you so much in joining me on my journey. It’s an honour to get to share with you all about what I’m doing and keeping you all up to date. This is my first time ever writing a newsletter, though, and it does feel a little bit strange doing this, so please have grace, haha!

So, I arrived in Joburg at Impact Africa on January the 30th. My first two weeks here were spent getting to know everyone on the team and getting to know the staff. Because I am the only South African surrounded by a bunch of Americans, I experienced a mini culture shock in my own country. But, God’s grace was over that and I soon got used to the sound of a different accent and the way that they do things. I’m still learning how to relate, and I believe that this will go on for quite a while still. Now, I absolutely love the people I live with and can’t wait to grow in relationship with them and to do life alongside of them.


During immersion we also learnt a lot about the organization and the different departments. Impact Africa has four departments in which the interns work: Impact Baby Rescue, Impact Students, Impact Kids and Community Outreach. We were all super excited to find out which department we are in. Monday, the 12th of February was the big day! I got placed in community outreach, yeeeeeeeeeww! In this department, we go out into the communities every day and spend our time walking down the streets and sitting with people in their homes, just seeking to serve and love them.                      
Something that really stands out to me is the incredible diversity that we encounter in the townships! People living there are from all over – Malawi, Zimbabwe, Mozambique, Limpopo, and the list goes on. They all speak different languages and have different cultures. Every person has a unique life story; often filled with a lot of hardship and pain. This, combined with the insane poverty in which they live, cause many people to be very hopeless and feeling like they have no purpose. Most people that we talk to have no job and say that they are willing to do any kind of work. For women, it mostly means that they become domestic workers and for men, they would either be gardeners or have the “leftover” jobs. Yet, when I ask them, almost all of them have had a dream to be a nurse, a lawyer, a teacher, etc., but because of their circumstances, lack of education and lack of finances, they are unable to pursue that dream and are resolved to accepting whatever life offers them, no matter how low paying or taxing it is. Most people have had to leave their families from home and try to find work here to provide for them, and can only afford to return to see them about once or twice a year, for Christmas or Easter. Despite all of this, the majority of the people we meet still greet us with a smile and bless us with their attention.

Two challenges that I’ve encountered in community outreach that can sometimes be a little frustrating is one, the language barrier and two, some people are unwilling to have conversation and accept love because of, I think, things that have hurt them in the past and because they see us as “mulungus” who don’t really know anything and now try to ‘help’ them. This is obviously the opposite motive of our hearts, because we know that all we can offer is what Holy Spirit does through us and we just want to give love and service to those who are lost and broken. But, the cool thing is that God uses opportunities like this to teach us more about His heart and His people and how He wants us to be His hands and feet in different situations with different individuals.


In closing, I just want to thank you all again for journeying with me. Please pray for me and for the team over here to just be in Jesus and follow Him wherever He calls, withholding nothing. Also, if you would like to sow into the Kingdom by blessing me financially, then please send donations to

Impact Africa

Standard Bank / North Gate Branch

Account Number: 021662452

and put my name in the reference.

I love you guys! Hamba kahle!