Hey there friends and family!

Hope you all are doing well and are advancing the Kingdom! I’m doing very well, God has been so faithful. It’s definitely been a journey, and I’ve been challenged in many ways emotionally and spiritually. But the beautiful thing is that I’m definitely experiencing how God meets us where we’re at when we run to Him. I’m feeling much more at home where I’m staying and also in my friendships with the other interns, praise Jesus. I’m super excited to see our little community grow.

So this has been an amazing month! In just one month I feel like I’ve learned so incredibly much about people and culture, it’s quite crazy. One thing that I’ve learned very much about was what is part of the belief system of almost every person we minister to; ancestor worship. I believe that, in the Western culture satan uses money to steal from people in the way that they are deceived with greed and the false hope of happiness and fulfillment once we have more stuff that will supposedly benefit our lives and well-being. Well, here among the people who live in a seemingly completely different world to ours, I believe satan uses false promises from ancestors through sangomas, witch doctors, dreams and visions to deceive people. People who visit a sangoma for healing often leave more captive than when they came in, in the sense that they experience temporary relief but always have to return to maintain their healing. They get promised wealth and success, but are often required to do things to attain that that actually does more harm to them than good. Ancestral spirits come to some people in dreams in the form of a relative that died that are now protecting them or offer them comfort when, in reality they are actually wolves in sheep’s clothing. Some mothers put strings of wool around their babies’ limbs to supposedly “protect” them from spirits that are bad. All of the above are doors for satan to get in and sow destruction and death; to kill, steal and destroy. Evil and wickedness is rampant in that sense, but our God is greater and died to have His people held captive by satan’s schemes. Join with me in praying against the darkness that is so prevalent in these people’s midst.

I met two ladies a couple of weeks ago. The one’s name is Dora, and she shared with me that she had been having dreams of her ancestors calling her to become a traditional healer. Just before she revealed that we had just spoken about the kingdom of light and darkness and how Jesus gave us all authority over darkness and that once His blood covers us we are untouchable by evil, unless we open the door to it. Dora admitted that the dreams scare her and that she doesn’t want to become a sangoma, but she didn’t know what to do and she felt helpless. I told her that she had the freedom to choose, and I asked her if being a sangoma is what she wanted. Shaking her head, she said, “No, no I don’t want to be a sangoma. I choose God!” We prayed together and she surrendered her life to Jesus and renounced the claims that satan had on her life. Praise God, the One who split heaven and earth to reconcile His people back to Him, who uses ordinary people like us to be His hands and feet! Please keep Dora in your prayers, that she will continue to seek Jesus and His truth.

These three ladies are strong, brave and beautiful. Pray with me that they encounter Jesus!

This is Lynn. She is on fire for Jesus and for the Kingdom! She told us how she has been praying for her neighbourhood against the stealing and killing that has been going on.

I’m very challenged in the area of the harvest that is so ripe and plentiful but the workers that are so few. A question that has been burdening my heart is this, “What are we keeping ourselves busy with? Where is our focus?” I’ve been allowing God to examine my heart and show me where my focus is self-centered and where I keep myself busy with things that distract me and keep me comfortable. Church, are we being God’s hands and feet? Are we choosing obedience no matter the cost? Are we pursuing the heart of our Jesus above all else? Are we holding on to silly things that keep us comfortable or are we busy practicing what we see in Matthew 25:35-40 where Jesus says that whatever we do for the least of these we do to Him, “for I was hungry and you gave me something to eat…I was a stranger and you invited me in…I was in prison and you came to visit me?” I’m realising more and more that there is such a tangible call to intimacy with the Father and a call to love Jesus with our lives. Let’s rise up and be the kind of Christians that the world recognizes as Christ-followers through our love, generosity, faithfulness and in the way that we are honourable.

Financially I’ve been really blessed! Just over half of my internship is payed, and the other half is due by the end of May. If Holy Spirit places it on your heart to support me financially, then I praise Him that you take part in sowing into the Kingdom and I thank you for your obedience. Please then contact me personally for Impact Africa’s banking details.

In closing, I want to thank you all so much for your love, financial support and prayer! I’m feeling so blessed and special, really! Receiving messages, voice notes, calls or pictures from you guys always puts a huge smile on my face. I love you all very much!

Bless you!