Hey there friends and family!

I can’t believe the month of May is coming to a close already. It’s been an eventful month here in Johannesburg, and it started off with a bang! Most of you already know the story of us being whisked away to Botswana at 4:30 a.m. on the morning of the 30th of April. We had 20 minutes to pack to spend a week in a village called Metlobo that seemed to be in the middle of nowhere. We drove for about three and a half hours to Lobatse, Botswana to meet up with our host who is partnered with ‘Every Nations’, then set out to Metlobo. It was a week of being introduced to a completely different setting and culture and seeing how we could be a blessing to the people we came in contact with. We had the opportunity of meeting with the local church’s leaders every evening and the majority of us were asked to share what God laid on our hearts when it came to church leadership. We also got to meet the people living in the village and share the Gospel with them, seeing healings happen in their hearts as well as a lady who got healed of a sore back that’s been plaguing her for a long time. It was also a good time of fellowship for us interns, and we had so much fun cooking over a fire, taking bucket showers, using a long-drop toilet the whole week, and sleeping under the stars on our last night.

When we got back from Botswana I dived head-first into studying for my May exams. God’s grace was really on my exam timetable, as I found out as soon as I had Internet connection again that UNISA had extended the timetable so that exams could be written in June, too. Hallelujah, haha! I chose to write two of them in May and two of them in June. I spent most of my evenings reading and summarising, and after a long day spent on outreach or doing other tasks that often was quite challenging. But Jesus really was faithful and carried me through, helping me to commit to memory the things I was studying. The journey isn’t over yet, though; I have two English exams awaiting me nearing the end of June. I ask that you please keep me in prayer for that time, as that is also the time that we are getting ready for team season.


During team season, Impact Africa hosts teams from all over the States who then join us on outreach and also have the opportunity to serve in other departments. I have been prewarned that team season is very busy and that it is going to be physically and emotionally stretching. Every day we lead teams of people of all ages who may not all have had experience in sharing the love of Jesus with strangers and who may need to be discipled and encouraged to do so when out in the communities. Hours are also longer and responsibilities increase. I am excited for team season, to meet new people and see them grow in their love for Jesus and people, and in boldness. I am excited to see what areas God grows me in when it comes to patience, choosing love and joy and enduring. Please pray for me and for my fellow interns that we will remain close to Jesus, seeking to find our strength in Him and to represent Him in all we do. Please pray that we would be intentional in our relationships with one another, seeking out each other’s hearts and not being selfish in pouring into each other.

We met this lovely lady about a week ago. Please pray that she would know the Father so deeply and that she would have a deep hunger to seek Him.

I am so excited to see you all again! Thank you for walking this journey with me in prayer and in encouraging me. I love you guys so much and I want to encourage you with Hebrews 10:24-25.

Be blessed!