So, about me. I am the oldest of five children and I grew up in a little coastal town called Melkbosstrand. At the moment, I’m studying to become a teacher through a part time, open distance-learning university while doing the internship for six months at Impact Africa. Since I was a small child, I had a heart for people who don’t know Jesus and are broken and lost. I watched ‘Mother Theresa’ and whenever she spoke about “the poorest of the poor”, compassion stirred in my heart. I remember I subscribed to Mission Aviation Fellowship’s newsletter and always got very excited when I read about what they’re doing. I always knew that I wanted something more when I grew up and that I wanted my life to be a life that God looks at and smiles.

When I was 13 years old I started encountering and seeking Jesus for myself, with all my heart. He changed my life and awakened the desire to tell those around me about the grace and love and relationship that He paid for us to have. Since then I’ve been on a journey of discovering more and more of the wonder and majesty of the King of Kings; a journey that’s led me to where I am now. A journey filled with many mountains and hurts, but also with incredible joys and victories! Jesus is my everything; I am NOTHING without Him. My life for the Gospel.

“I have decided to follow Jesus, no turning back.”